The greatest and most ancient of the City-states, the City of Seven Gates can trace its history back to a time even before the arrival of its queen, Abalach-Re. Sadly, much of its magnificence is in that same, storied past. The alabaster mines and gemfields have long since dried up and mismanagement has impacted the city’s ability to produce and distribute food adequately. The houses of the Nawab war amongst themselves, like Crodlu bickering over the scraps of a corpse.

The once great religious centers of Raam are also in disarray, as generations ago Abalach-Re declared herself the representative of a newly revealed god, Badna. Now the temples that remain standing are abandoned and Badna’s grinning, four-armed visage occupies the eyes, if not the hearts of the people.

Unlike most cities, the vast population of Raam is divided into a number of castes, which dictate how they relate to one another. Only the Queen and her Templars exist outside this social strata. Also unique to Raam are the Mansabdars – trained soldiers separate from the Templars who perform the roles of army, police and city watch combined.

Raam can be divided into several districts, making it easy for the few travelers still coming to Raam to find what they seek:

Noble Houses of Raam


Raam is Burning. ivo_shandor